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A beautiful footpath in the natural and cultural landscapes off Gårdlösa

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1. Gårdlösa Brydestuga – Klingehöj

(Flax preparation hut)

Flax was widely grown in Skåne until the cotton industry made flax cultivation almost unnecessary. On Österlen flax cultivation nevertheless continued into the 1880s. Gårdlösa Brydestuga (flax preparation hut) was probably built after the land reform in 1831-1833 and was demolished in 1885 when it was considered to be no longer needed.

A flax preparation hut was used to dry the flax before the stalks were crushed. There was a major risk of fire when the flax was being dried, and therefore a village’s flax preparation hut was often situated in a hillside away from the village. This hut had stone walls and two rooms. The hearth was in a room that was dug into the hillside and was fired with peat, which glows and heats without any significant flames. The flax was placed on a rack above the hearth and was dried, after which it was taken into the other room where the crushing could begin. 


Gårdlösa Brydestuga 
drawing by Frans Lindberg
  Painting by



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