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A beautiful footpath in the natural and cultural landscapes off Gårdlösa

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10. Ljungavångens naturreservat

(nature reserve)

The Nature Reserve is one of the few remaining areas in Sweden where the endangered Common Spadefoot Toad lives and breeds. The Common Spadefoot Toad is very difficult to detect, as it spends most of its time buried in sand and is active only at night. The toad mates in April-May when the male sits at the bottom of a stream and calls, which makes it difficult to hear. The Common Tree Frog lives in trees and bushes. It hops with great skill from leaf to leaf and catches insects. The frog mates in April-June, and the male’s mating call can be heard several kilometres away. The Agile Frog lives in grass and damp habitats in or close to deciduous woods. With its long back legs, the frog can jump up to two metres in a single jump when in danger. The frog mates in small bodies of water in March-April, when the male sits at the bottom and calls. The Nature Reserve also contains the moor frog, the common frog, the common toad and the northern crested newt.


(The Common Tree Frog)

(The Agile Frog)

(The Common Spadefoot Toad)


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