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A beautiful footpath in the natural and cultural landscapes off Gårdlösa

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3. Alnabjär skeppssättning 

(Stone ship)

The grave field at Alnabjär was excavated in 1972 in conjunction with the archaeological excavations within the so-called Gårdlösa project, wich showed that there were settlements on the Gårdlösa ridge for most of the Iron Age. The hill was found to contain graves, stone circles and the remains of a stone ship.
The stone ship is from the Vendel Period (550-800 AD). Only four standing stones remain of the ancient stone ship, which was placed high so as to be easily visible. Outside the stone ship to the south there are a number of small round and oval stone circles from the Iron Age.
According to the legend, the stone ship was erected over a warrior, King Alne, which is why the hill is called Alnabjär. On a terrace on the southern side of the hill, four stones are said to have stood which marked the grave of Queen Gya, the wife of Kung Alne.



 Alnabjär stone ship                        Photo Kristina Eriksson



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