smedstorp se



A beautiful footpath in the natural and cultural landscapes off Gårdlösa

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7. Stora stenbrottet

(The Big Quarry)

Or Ignaberga quarry. At the beginning of the 1900s, there were plans to start a cement factory here. The area was separated from Smedstorp Estate, and the stockbroker A. Faugust in Stockholm bought it. He ordered machinery from Germany, but the First World War put a stop to the project. In 1916, AB Portland bought the area. From the end of the 1920s and throughout the 1930s, limestone was quarried here. This was carried from the face in unprocessed form on a narrow gauge railway, and transported to Ignaberga for processing. The quarry then became known as Ignaberga quarry.



The Big Quarry or Ignaberga quarry              Photo Kristina Eriksson


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