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A beautiful footpath in the natural and cultural landscapes off Gårdlösa

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4. Skeppssättningar och Domarring

(Stone ships and judges’ ring)

The archaeological excavations within the Gårdlösa project, which started in 1963, showed that there were settlements on the Gårdlösa ridge for most of the Iron Age. Foundations of buildings were discovered, along with prehistoric unmarked graves, the remains of a place of worship and a number of stone circles.
The so-called “judges’ rings” are from the Iron Age and
consist of

1. a larger stone ship with 15 stones
2. a small stone ship with 16 stones, one of wich is in the middle,
3. a judges’ ring with 10 stones.

The excavations uncovered graves both outside and inside the rings.
Judges’ rings is the name given to often circular stone formations. Most of the rings are from the Iron Age and were probably graves originally. During the Middle Ages, the graves were sometimes used as places of worship and sacrifice, and for legal proceedings. The term “judges’ rings” comes from the common belief that they were district courts.


Larger stone ship, 15 stones


Small stone ship, 16 stones




Judges’ ring, 10 stones

   Foto Kristina Eriksson



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