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A beautiful footpath in the natural and cultural landscapes off Gårdlösa

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ii. Frans Lindberg

This was the site of the farm Gårdlösa 10, where the painter and local historian Frans Lindberg grew up. Lindberg’s sketches and paintings were mainly found in the homes of local farmers, but after he became famous his work was purchased by Nordiska museet in Stockholm and was exhibited in Paris and Brussels. Today there are two permanent exhibitions, at Kulturhistoriska museet in Lund and at Österlens museum in Simrishamn.

"According to my parents I was born on 13 October 1857, a date that corresponds with the vicar’s records. I was christened Frans. I began school in Gårdlösa in 1864, when I was 6 years old. I was confirmed in 1872 and became a painter’s apprentice on 1 April 1874. The apprenticeship lasted three years. I travelled to Stockholm in spring 1877, but I returned in the autumn. In spring 1878 I went back to Stockholm and worked in the profession until autumn 1882. In the spring of 1883, I travelled to Germany and worked in Berlin until the autumn of 1874 when I returned home. In spring 1885, I opened my own painter’s workshop in Smedstorp and worked as a painter until spring 1933, when my son Lars Einar Lindberg took over. Since then I have spent most of my time painting watercolours, mostly of 19th century house and farm interiors and of local folk costumes from that period. I have recently attempted to portray some old houses and farms, buildings used for the preparation of flax and malt, an old bridge, etc. Some were painted on site, some from memory. These are not coloured, however. I have simply applied a wash. I am now nearly 86 years old and I have given this up too."

Smedstorp i juni 1943
Frans Lindberg


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